Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Welcome to my little world

Hello! Welcome to my blog, I should probably explain who I am and why I am writing this, so here goes...

I am a 29 year old mum to a 2 little monsters, wife to a husband who breathes a lot and a teacher at a primary school in East London. I was talking to a few friends of mine and it occurred to me how much has happened in my life. I constantly find myself wanting to butt in and say "Yes! I remember when..." but alas, if I want to keep said friends I have to tame the beast that is my ability to talk and placate it somehow. And so here I find myself, armed with a list of stories and anecdotes, some fun, some not, that I would like to share for no other reason than maybe, just maybe, someone felt the same once. Maybe someone went through it and will feel better knowing I felt the same, or will be able to shed some light to help me.

Please feel free to share any of my blogs if you feel that they will be useful to someone, and always, always get in touch should the mood strike. I love connecting with people and honestly, being a mum can be quite lonely.

I hope this post has found you well, and if not, I hope it has left you better.

m_ak x

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